ViSTA-TV Coding Camp Successfully Accomplished

The ViSTA-TV Coding Camp at the BBC Media House, London, UK has been successfully accomplished. We finalized much of the work needed for continously giving recommendations. In particular for the BBC‘s Apps which they are going to evaluate in early 2014. Continuous recommendations for Zattoo are also on track and the necessary interfaces are under construction. Further achievements were new versions of the data warehouse ontologies (to be published along with the LOD dataset), continuous EPG data enrichment, realiability checks and — last but not least — the basic integration of the Streams framework (and hence the ViSTA-TV engine) into RapidMiner.

The ViSTA-TV team thanks our hosts Libby and Chris from BBC R&D. We look froward to another coding camp in early 2014 for preparing the M22 deliverables.

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