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ViSTA-TV – the whole story

Check out the long version of our demo video! Learn more about all the different modules of the ViSTA-TV platform: The magic behind ViSTA-TV’s TV statistics Apps Feature extraction via the streams engine Complex event processing enriching EPG with Linked … Continue reading

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ViSTA-TV on the front page: helping SMEs fish the Big Data ocean

ViSTA-TV and RapidMiner made it to the CORDIS front page!

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Final Review: ViSTA-TV successfully accomplished

ViSTA-TV was evaluated as a success according to our project officer and our reviewers. Is this the end? No! We will continue working on TV-statistics, recommendations, and turn ViSTA-TV into a business. Stay tuned.

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ViSTA-TV in a Nutshell

Discover ViSTA-TV’s essentials in this two-minute video.

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Final ViSTA-TV Coding Camp: demos, evaluations and a lot of ideas for the future…

The final ViSTA-TV coding camp is about to end soon. We prepared the final showcase and the demos for the review meeting. The recommendations team continued producing new exciting research results. Now that the project is ending soon, we also … Continue reading

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Final ViSTA-TV Coding Camp Started at Dortmund

Today the final ViSTA-TV coding camp starts at Dortmund. We will finalize the platform and perform final evaluations. Stay tuned for some exciting demonstrators which will show the full power of the ViSTA-TV platform.

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ViSTA-TV Coding Camp made the way for user evaluations

The ViSTA-TV coding camp ended today. Its results will enable both IPTV providers to evaluate the recommendation engines developed in the project. We solved many open issues regarding data quality and worked on stabilizing the feature extraction. Further progress was … Continue reading

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ViSTA-TV Project Meeting and Coding Camp

Today, the ViSTA-TV team assembles at Zurich to plan the coming months. From Wednesday on, the development team will finalize the recommendations engine and prepare the user evaluations, which are scheduled for spring 2014.

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ViSTA-TV will be connect with the EU FP7 project LDBC at the Third TUC Meeting, November 19 2013. This event is co-located with GraphConnect at London. Prof Abraham Bernstein (UZH) will talk about “Streams and Advanced Processing” whereas Thomas Scharrenbach … Continue reading

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ViSTA-TV at EBU DevCon 2013

ViSTA-TV will be present at the EBU DevCon2013. Thomas Scharrenbach from UZH will give a talk about the technical components of the ViSTA-TV engine. “[The] EBU Developer Conference provide an opportunity to learn about best practices in software engineering and … Continue reading

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ViSTA-TV Coding Camp Successfully Accomplished

The ViSTA-TV Coding Camp at the BBC Media House, London, UK has been successfully accomplished. We finalized much of the work needed for continously giving recommendations. In particular for the BBC‘s Apps which they are going to evaluate in early … Continue reading

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ViSTA-TV Meeting at London, Nov 4-7

The ViSTA-TV project team will assemble at London to prepare the upcoming milestone. Besides the decisions what work will be done for the remainder of the project, the ViSATA-TV developers will have another Coding Camp at the BBC’s research facilities. … Continue reading

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IBC is over and it was a great success for ViSTA-TV. Also at the last day we had many interesting conversations with people from industry and research. We established many contacts and we look forward to future collaborations in the … Continue reading

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Day 4: ViSTA-TV @IBC2013 Another successful day

The new week started with lots of interesting contacts. Interestingly, today many start-up and quite a few research institutions came to visit our stand and learn how ViSTA-TV fits their needs. Today and tomorrow, we have a representative from Rapid-I … Continue reading

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Day 3: ViSTA-TV @IBC2013 Stream of visitors continues

Despite it was Sunday, the ViSTA-TV stand was still well-visited. People from various industries showed great interest in the both in the research project as well as in the commercialization. The ViSTA-TV stand team changed and the fresh people look … Continue reading

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Cassandra-Esper version 0.3 released to Maven Central.

A new version of Cassandra-Esper was released to Maven Central. Version 0.3 now supports insert, update and delete operations as well as proper initialization. Cassandra-Esper provides an implementation of Esper virtual data windows as a distributed key-value store for background … Continue reading

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Two Papers accepted for SSWS 2013

We are pleased to announce that two papers related to ViSTA-TV research were accepted for publication at the 9th International Workshop on Scalable Semantic Web Knowledge Base Systems (SSWS2013). This workshop will be co-located with the 12th International Semantic Web Conference (ISWC 2013) … Continue reading

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Swiss TV statistics will not include IPTV viewers.

As the Swiss newspaper “Die Nordwestschweiz” reports, MediaPulse will start publishing the TV statistics again starting from August 2, 2013. Yet, this statistics will currently not include people watching TV over the internet.

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Cassandra integration for Esper released

The DDIS group at UZH released the first version of the cassandra-esper library at Maven central. The cassandra-esper library integrates Apache Cassandra via virtual data windows into the Esper complex event processing engine. The ViSTA-TV engine can now directly query the data warehouse’s key-value store … Continue reading

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testng4esper version 0.1 released

The DDIS group at UZH released the testng4esper library at Maven central. The testng4esper library facilitates writing TestNG tests for programs using the Esper complex event processing engine.

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ViSTA-TV Successfully Passed Review Meeting

The ViSTA-TV project successfully passed the review meeting at Luxembourg on June 18. ViSTA-TV is on track. The project wishes to express their gratitude to the reviewers and the project officer for their very valuable comments. The ViSTA-TV team is … Continue reading

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Streams-Esper 0.1 released

The DDIS group at UZH released the streams-esper library on Maven central. The streams-esper library allows to use the Esper complex event processing engine with the Streams platform for stream processing. It enabled the ViSTA-TV engine to query and match complex events on streams of … Continue reading

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ViSTA-TV invited for IBC Future Zone

ViSTA-TV was invited for the Future Zone of the International Broadcasting Convention (IBC) 2013. More information to follow soon.

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Milestone MS2 successfully accomplished

The ViSTA-TV project accomplished its first major milestone. In a collaborative effort, a stream-processing framework for the ViSTA-TV platform was established. Based on Storm, the partners created sub-topologies which can be glued together visually using RapidMiner. Further achievements include measures … Continue reading

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Press Release

The kick-off ViSTA-TV Press Release (in German) has been sent out.

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