ViSTA-TV – the whole story

Check out the long version of our demo video! Learn more about all the different modules of the ViSTA-TV platform:

  • The magic behind ViSTA-TV’s TV statistics Apps
  • Feature extraction via the streams engine
  • Complex event processing
  • enriching EPG with Linked Open Data
  • learning and computing  recommendations


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ViSTA-TV on the front page: helping SMEs fish the Big Data ocean

ViSTA-TV and RapidMiner made it to the CORDIS front page!


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Final Review: ViSTA-TV successfully accomplished

ViSTA-TV was evaluated as a success according to our project officer and our reviewers. Is this the end? No! We will continue working on TV-statistics, recommendations, and turn ViSTA-TV into a business. Stay tuned.

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ViSTA-TV in a Nutshell

Discover ViSTA-TV’s essentials in this two-minute video.

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Final ViSTA-TV Coding Camp: demos, evaluations and a lot of ideas for the future…

The final ViSTA-TV coding camp is about to end soon. We prepared the final showcase and the demos for the review meeting.

The recommendations team continued producing new exciting research results.

Now that the project is ending soon, we also took some time to think about the last two years…

… and we came up with a lot of cool ideas for research and devel

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Final ViSTA-TV Coding Camp Started at Dortmund

Today the final ViSTA-TV coding camp starts at Dortmund. We will finalize the platform and perform final evaluations. Stay tuned for some exciting demonstrators which will show the full power of the ViSTA-TV platform.

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ViSTA-TV at the European Data Conference published

European Data Forum Logo_0

The ViSTA-TV overview talk presented by Abraham Bernstein at the  European Data Forum (EDF) in Athens on March 19, was just published by

If you want to see it just click on the image below.


Vista TV – Online TV Statistics and Dynamic Joint Recommendations

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